Better Call Saul Season 5 Finale – “Something Unforgivable” Recap

Well, that’s it. Better Call Saul has ended it’s perfect fifth season on Monday (or Tuesday here in the UK) with it’s season finale, “Something Unforgivable”. The episode follows Lalo (Tony Dalton) and Nacho (Michael Mando) going to his second home in Chihuahua, and introduces him to Don Eladio (Steven Bauer) – a former character from Breaking Bad. Soon, Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) plans for Lalo to be killed, and sends a bunch of assassins to his house.

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Meanwhile, after the very tense visit from Lalo, Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) and Kim (Rhea Seehorn) relax at a motel. Kim goes to collect her pro bono cases, and has a tense encounter with Howard (Patrick Fabian). Back at the motel, Jimmy and Kim have fun, and begin to toy with the idea to resolve the Sandpiper case by sabotaging Howard. Jimmy thinks of it as a joke, but Kim might possibly be serious.

This episode isn’t as exciting and eventful as the previous two episodes. It might not be brilliant as the previous two episodes, “Bagman” and “Bad Choice Road”, but that would be very difficult as the two episodes were all-time classics, and possibly the best two episodes of series, ever. That being said, it is still a really fine and terrific finale to what is probably the best season of the show as of yet.

The episode is particularly great for the character development of Lalo. Lalo has been an absolutely fantastic addition to the series, and that’s especially impressive for a character that was introduced 4 seasons into a popular TV show. In this episode, we see his household, as well as his relationships with various people here, including his friends and family.

What is also wonderful about Lalo’s role in this episode, is that we start to feel sympathy for him, and align ourselves with him slightly. This has always been a great feature of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, in which the show makes us feel sympathy for characters who we normally wouldn’t care about. Even the villains of both shows, like Lalo and Breaking Bad’s Gus, are written with some complexity and depth. And here, we understand, that Lalo, although sleazy and amoral, still has plenty people who he loves and cares about . And, as we get to the end of the episode (which of course, I won’t spoil), we really get to feel sorry for him for some of the horrible things that happen to him.

This episode is also significant in that it does not give that much closure. Going into this finale, a lot of people were theorising that either Kim, Lalo or Nacho were going to die, all because none of the characters were not in Breaking Bad. However, none of these characters do die, and that is something I like about this finale. They have saved Lalo as the villain for the final season of the show, which is something I think is a safe choice, as with only 10 episodes left, they don’t want to waste time introducing a new villain. I mean, the antagonists in the final season of Breaking Bad (Lydia, Uncle Jack and Todd) were always unfavourably compared to Gus, the season 4 villain.

Also, as always the case with Better Call Saul, the episode has some brilliant sequences, which are delivered with a real punch through the terrific direction and cinematography. The scene in which Nacho attempts to escape Lalo’s compound is particularly tense, and scary. There is a brilliant panning shot where Lalo is running down in the crawl space of the house that is brilliant shot and edited. Better Call Saul continues to raise the bar for cinematography in television, and that’s wonderful to see, as it always used to be seen as a feature of cinematic films.

Otherwise, this episode is great for developing Kim’s character. As we see her and Jimmy consider toying the idea of framing Howard, it becomes clear that Kim is “breaking bad”, as she becomes more involved in the crime world. There is a really great moment that highlights this change, where Jimmy asks Kim if she is serious about framing Howard, and she does finger guns back to Jimmy. The moment feels very Saul Goodman, and very much mirrors the move that Jimmy did to Kim in the season 4 finale (“Winner”).

It is becoming more and more apparent that this is the reason why she does not appear in Breaking Bad, although, the reason itself is still unknown. Possibly she ends up incarcerated. However, as many fans have stated, this behaviour is slightly out-of-character for her, and some theorise that she is playing a long con game against Jimmy. It would be a harsher blow for him than her just being dead or prison, and would explain his cynical personality in Breaking Bad.

In addition, this episode is great because of how Howard gets a lot more to do. By the end of the episode, it seems like they have set up a big role for him in the next season. This is a wonderful thing, because I have always stated that Howard is a great addition to the show, and he should not just disappear after not being appearing that heavily in the past 2 seasons, ever since Chuck’s death.

This episode is really a showcase for Kim and Lalo, and cast a light on Rhea Seehorn and Tony Dalton’s acting chops, respectively. Although, some major characters (like Jimmy, Nacho and Mike) have interesting moments in this episode (like Jimmy’s PTSD, Nacho escaping Lalo’s house, and Mike telling Jimmy that Lalo will be killed), this is really Kim and Lalo’s episode. It’s sets up a final season, which will probably feature them prominently, which is only a good thing.

Overall, this episode sets up a fantastic final season. There are many brilliant story-lines that have been set up, and I can’t wait to see what the writers do, where Jimmy’s arc will most likely be completed. Also, we’ll finally figure out what will happen to Kim, Nacho and Lalo, and also, Saul/Jimmy in the present, under the alias of Gene Takavic. Nonetheless, this season was absolutely fantastic – it was the best season yet and will definitely be up there as one of my favourite TV shows of 2020.

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