Quiz – ITV Miniseries Quickie Review

One of the best ITV dramas to come out in a while, is the new miniseries, Quiz. The series, consisting of 3 episodes, that was broadcast over 3 nights, was written by James Graham, adapted from his play of the same name. The miniseries was also directed by Stephen Fears, who has directed a varietyContinue reading “Quiz – ITV Miniseries Quickie Review”

Weathering With You (2019) Quickie Review

Makoto Shinkai’s follow-up to Your Name is Weathering With You, a really lovely animation from Japan. Your Name was an extremely influential film, becoming the highest-grossing anime film and Japanese film of all time, and so his follow-up was always going to be highly anticipated. The plot is set in an alternative reality of sortsContinue reading “Weathering With You (2019) Quickie Review”